Cylinder Kit

Cylinder Kit

  • Meterial Treatment:
    We adopt artificially age the material, thereby relieve the stress, then we can guarantee the accuracy of the product
  • Platform reticulation honing:
    The honing of inner surface of cylinder liner adopts the platform reticulation honing. It makes the cylinder have good wear-resistance. Its appearance characteristic is that it has even thickness reticulate threats, cross angle is about 60 degree, greatly enhances wearing resistance of the cylinder
    Platform honing screen graphics:
    • Smooth wave peaks enlarge the supporting surface of cylinder liner to the piston
    • inerratic grooves reserve oil , formin an effective to reduce abrasion common honing screen graphics;
  • Cylinder hole quality:
    According to engine running principle we machine the top diameter of cylinder liner is 0.005mm smaller then the bottom diameter, when the engine runs , because of thermal expansion cylinder liner wall will be in line (parallel). Therefore we can guarantee air tightness of cylinder in order to make engine have excellent power performance.
  • Fit between piston and cylinder:
    Clearance between piston and cylinder, we group all cylinders and pistons according to 0.005mm tolerance before fitting all the clearance between piston and cylinder is 0.03-0.04mm after fitting. It do not only pledge the air tightness of the cylinder but also avoid of knocks and impacts between piston and cylinder.

Cylinder Kit Cylinder Kit Cylinder Kit

Machining accuracy

Cylinder hole circularity 0.005mm
Surface parallelism 0.03mm
Locating pin hole coordinate accuracy 0.05mm

Piston Contour

The display of our piston contour is controlled in 0.02mm compared with the theoretical value to guarantee the perfect air-proof and directional performance

Matching precision

Piston skirt size -0.02~~-0.03mm
Ring Grove Height +0.005~+0.015mm
Pin-hole diameter +0.002~+0.008mm
Pin hole roughness Ra0.4
Verticality of pin hole to skirt shaft 100: 0.035

Base on the above matching precision our piston takes a excellent using performance

Cylinder Kit Cylinder Kit Cylinder Kit

Piston pin

Diameter Precision ≤0.002mm
Roughness Ra0.4